Creative designing with Simply Chic Promos

Graphic design is an extraordinary talent and skill set that experts work years to develop.  The ability to create something out of nothing is an extraordinary achievement especially when that something can become stunning visuals and engaging logos that can make a huge impact on your business.

Inspiration is a huge part of graphic design. You need to have a great idea to start with, an aesthetic to draw inspiration from, and the motivation to get the job done.

Sometimes it can be hard to get the creative juices flowing, so whenever it’s time to sit down and start cranking out designs, making use of the experts is a great way to go.

Let Simply Chic Promos work with you to create amazing and memorable designs!

Layouts and Designs
Graphic Designs for various Outdoor/Indoor Displays i.e. Banners, Gazebos, Table Cloths, Parsols.  
Prices range from R 200 per hour

Logo Redraws

Need your Logo redrawn?  Be sure to forward to us for a quick response quotation. 
Prices range from R 200 

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